A scalable API marketplace with a whitelable vision.

The client

GR1D is a API Marketplace which provides a platform for you to find and manage all your API’s in just one place.

The challenge

GR1D's marketplace was quite outdated, and some metrics indicated, for example, a high loss rate in its sales funnel. In addition, the company had already structured plans to create a new API management product (beside their marketplace platform) that needed to be whitelabel. Another important factor is that the design team consisted of 3 Junior UX/UI Designers at the time.

The solution

The solution was practical: I needed to internalize intelligence in their current design team, providing, in addition to design consultancy, also weekly mentoring to the junior designers of the team. In addition, I was responsible for establishing a prioritization process through a MoSCoW Matrix with the Product Owner, I also did several important interfaces (such as an API payment flow) and established patterns and several components of it's design system.




Marketplace, finance

Company size

11 — 25


User Interface
User Experience
Design System
Design Operations


Product Owner: Fabiana Otsubo
Lead Designer: Luis Fernando Lima
UI Designer: Mirella Almeida
UX Designer: Murilo Ventura


Manrope by Mikhail Sharanda
Illustrations by Pablo Stanley
Analytics summary: the most common GR1D visitor is a male aged 25-35, developer, speak Portuguese, and is from Brazil. He's a first-time visitor viewing website from a desktop device on Chrome.Illustration of a person listening to music and dancing.Some suggested improvements that I've found during and after the project.Product outcome: 15% higher conversion within 60 days of launching. Late 2021 the whitelabel was quickly sold to one of the largest banks in Brazil, increasing its userbase by 400%.